Anton Chekhov: A Physician-Genius in Spite of Himself

Anton Chekhov: A Physician-Genius in Spite of Himself

North Carolina Medical Journal 36:612-14;679-81;733-735: 37:29-31 1975-76

The JOURNAL offers four installments of a study of a great physician, short story writer and dramatist, Anton Chekhov, by a young medical student whose background has given him a particular appreciation of this giant of Russian literature. The list of doctors whose impulse demanded literary expression is endless—Rabelais, Goldsmith, Keats, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Maugham, William Carlos Williams, Weir Mitchell—and Chekhov’s name comes close to leading all the rest. The peculiar genius of Russian literature has had its most recent flowering in the person and works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, whose CANCER WARD is one of the best novels about medicine ever written.

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