Marché Marais, Paris

I’m getting email and requests at a level I just can’t handle.
Help me prioritize by using Shortwhale:
Twitter: @Cytowic
LinkedIn: Richard E. Cytowic

Speaking & Literary Agent
Andrew Lampack
350 Fifth Avenue # 5300
New York, NY 10118

Handles permissions, concert appearances, and public lectures.

MIT Press. Colleen Lanick, head of publicity colleenl@MIT.EDU

Handles requests for translations and interviews.

Dr. Cytowic is unable to advise theses or school projects, nor can he take on students at this time. For school projects and to quickly get up to speed, the short  MIT Press compendium, Synesthesia, is best. More detailed information can be found in Wednesday is Indigo Blue and the textbook Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses (the first and second editions differ significantly).

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