Dr Cytowic, Duke University, 1970

Dr Cytowic, Duke University, 1970

4720 Blagden Terrace NW
Washington D.C. 20011 USA
e-mail: Richard at Cytowic dot net
Twitter: @Cytowic
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Andrew Lampack
350 Fifth Avenue # 5300
New York, NY 10118
MIT Press. Colleen Lanick, Publicist colleenl@MIT.EDU

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Dr. Cytowic is unable to advise theses or school projects, nor can he take on students. For more information about synesthesia beyond the revised MIT edition of The Man Who Tasted Shapes, consult the textbook, Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses, or Wednesday is Indigo Blue. Fine, graduate-level detail can be found in the Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia.

To be notified of upcoming lectures, e-mail a request with your geographic location and complete contact information. The BBC documentaries are available on home video.

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