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Richard E. Cytowic speaks to general, academic, and art audiences as well as participating in concert performances. Past listeners include the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, the Art of Time Ensemble, NASA, IBM Cognitive Computing, writing students and book clubs, museums, and art exhibitions. Talks are highly illustrated.

Keynote Talk at COLORI exhibit, GAM (Turin Museum of Modern Art)

Opening lecture for “The Color of Emotion in Art,” or COLORI, at Turin’s Civic Gallery of Modern Art, GAM, and Castello di Rivoli museum. I also wrote  a catalog essay on “Thinking in Metaphor: Color & the Creative Spark” that accompanies the exhibit. Learn more.

Lecture Series at the Design School at Arizona State

How do vision and language interact with taste and smell? How is a joke like a trainwreck? How does a Nina Simone song taste? What makes the shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho seem so violent? Expand your brain as you discover these answers. Learn more.

Lecture at IBM Research, San Jose Campus

Synesthesia’s Challenge to Brain-Inspired Computing

Talk at the Library of Congress

Music and the Brain: How Synesthesia Speaks to Creativity

Excerpt from PBS documentary on sight and sound

Drs. Richard Cytowic and Richard Frakowiak

Gallery Talk at Hirshhorn Museum

Gallery Talk @ the Hirshhorn Museum’s Visual Music exhibit

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