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Poison Apple: Technology Fads Make Your Kids Dumber

Don’t assume that any technology labeled “educational” is an unalloyed good.   [Cross-posted at The Fallible Mind, my blog at Psychology Today] Two award-winning teachers with more than 30 years of classroom experience say that kids are getting dumber.* The … Continue reading

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Addicted to Our Screens, or Merely Obsessed?

Are we actually really addicted to our screens in the way that people become addicted to alcohol, gambling, or drugs? Scientists debate whether we truly are. What no one seems to dispute is that our attention spans have gone to hell. Continue reading

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Digital Distractions: Your Brain on Screens

We need to stop treating every new piece of tech gear as an unalloyed good, and start questioning the pernicious effect it has on our brains and our being. Continue reading

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All Fall Down: A Novel

In All Fall Down, Jennifer Weiner’s 11th novel now in its paperback release, we meet Allison W., a successful, over-educated suburbanite who seemingly has it all—husband, career, treasured daughter, big house—everything she thought she wanted. Continue reading

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