The Night I Danced with Liberace

See my essay in the Los Angeles Review of Books.  Age 10, the Latin Casino, the Twist!  The Night I Danced with Liberace“MY HUSBAND AND I HAD A CHOICE of marrying in either California or Massachusetts in July 2008 — the only two states where it was then legal. The West won and we set off, not knowing that we would be one of only 18,000 same-sex couples to marry in the big blue state before Proposition 8 foreclosed that option four months later.

We flew into Las Vegas because it was inexpensive and an easy shot from Reagan National in Washington, DC. And, let’s face it, Vegas is fun. It seemed apt, too, because in the nation’s psyche Las Vegas is irrevocably entwined with the nuptial business. A place that has drive-through wedding chapels is a destination accustomed to newlyweds …. Read essay


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