Richard has written for the New York Times Magazine (cover story Pulitzer nomination), The Washingtonian, The American Interest, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Southampton Review. He is a staff reviewer for the New York Journal of Books and writes “The Fallible Mind” column for Psychology Today. He’s also been a music critic, written The Love Doctor column on romance and relationships, and has penned catalog essays for art exhibitions. To request Richard to write an article for you, please write to Andrew Lampack at the Lampack Agency or use the Shortwhale form.

Selected Articles

The Night I Danced with Liberace
Essay, Los Angeles Review of Books, May 26, 2013

Stalking the Wild Influenza
North Carolina Medical Journal, 38(2), 1977

The Long Ordeal of James Brady
Cover Story, New York Times Magazine, Sept. 27, 1981
Nominated for Pulitzer Prize

Your Brain on Screens
The American Interest Magazine
Volume 10, No. 6., June 9, 2015

Anton Chekhov: A Physician-Genius in Spite of Himself
North Carolina Medical Journal, 37(1), 1976

Virginia Woolf: Many Minds, One Story
SEED Magazine, February 2, 2010

Aphasia in Maurice Ravel
Bulletin of the Los Angeles Neurological Societies, 41:109-114, 1976
Irwin Brody Award, History of Neuroscience, Duke University, 1978

Lessons In the Art of Dying

The Love Doctor
Metro Weekly, Essays on dating and romance

Ambergris in Your Cup
The Daily Grind—Understanding Your Habit
Café: An Interview Magazine (Sydney) April/May 1995